I’m my best self when I’m helping others.

I have oodles of customer service experience. With beginnings in the family restaurant, I learned early on that I loved helping people feel great and at home. A handful of years later I unexpectedly landed in retail it was a natural fit, incorporating everything that I loved, people, service, pace, and plenty of operational checklists! I found myself thriving in a fast-paced, startup environment where I often felt like I was building the plane while I was flying it – I oddly loved that intensity. I celebrate a 20+ year career running high-end stores for brands such as lululemon, Under Armour, and Warby Parker including serving as a national store opening trainer. With all that my most meaningful role was being a hands-on mom to two very busy kids. These life experiences along with a solid nudge from my family, I have launched my dream!


Is your name Cara Loving? Is Ann your middle name?

Yep, my name is Cara Loving, middle name Ann. Fun Fact, the company was named in remembrance of my mom – she was the only one that would call me by my full name. My mom was my greatest teacher. She was the epitome of hospitality, style and hard work. She could make anyone feel special!

What is a Lifestyle Concierge?

It’s a tailored service that manages your personal, business, household or traveling needs. It could be running errands, helping you style your next gathering, curating corporate gifts, prepping the coolers for the sports weekend ahead, stocking provisions and icing down the bar upon your vacation arrival. We’re here to help make life easier, more joyful and FUN one task at a time!

How do your rates work?

Your lifestyle is unique and so is our pricing. Once we meet and learn more about your needs, we’ll design a perfectly suited care plan for you. Our services can be billed hourly or as a monthly subscription. Have us available, how and when you need it!

What’s your approach to confidentiality?

The only thing more important to us than taking care of your daily tasks is ensuring that the privacy of your family and professional endeavors is treated with respect and kept confidential without exception.

What if I need a service that is not listed on your menu?

Do you have a special request that isn’t listed? Don’t fret. Simply reach out and let us know – you will be surprised at how resourceful we can be.

Are you insured?

Yep, we sure are. We understand that you have worked hard to create a home and life that you value. We pride ourselves in handling our client’s most important needs with a sense of urgency, detail and security.